BUILD initiative to host silent auction in support of Palestinian youth community centre for Gaza

13 July 2012

Timing: 6pm - 9pm


Members of Dubai’s creative community have donated artwork and photographs in support of a silent auction set for 6pm on Friday 13 July at thejamjar in Al Quoz. Proceeds raised through the auction will go to support the rebuilding of a community youth centre in Gaza, which had previously been demolished in 2009. The creation of the centre is being overseen by Camps Breakerz Crew, and additional sponsorship is already underway thanks to the support of Zulu Nation Middle East.
Break DJ Lobito, a Dubai-based Hip Hop culture activist and founder of Zulu Nation Middle East, the region’s largest hip hop organisation, said: “It is an extremely difficult environment socially and politically, so it’s important for the youth of Gaza to have a creative outlet enabling them to pursue their dreams and put their creative energy towards learning new skills. We hope that this new community centre will be completed quickly, providing a place of positivity and fun, something these children are entitled to.”
The BUILD event was conceived to help raise awareness and encourage sponsorship to construct the new community youth centre in Gaza, providing a much needed outlet for the children of the area. The centre will cater to several hundred children from the surrounding neighbourhoods providing them with dance training, art classes and engagement in positive community activities. The new centre is already under construction, and is being managed by the Camps Breakerz Crew (CB Crew). 
CB Crew have been building the new centre brick by brick, so additional funds to help increase the pace of build and provide a safe hangout for the children of Gaza is the ultimate goal. The Camps Breakerz Crew was founded in 2005 by two Palestinian break dancers who were studying to become nurses. Through studying videos online, these self taught ‘scenesters’ decided that their shared love of rap and break dancing could be used as a positive influence for youngsters, in giving them focus and skills.
Break DJ Lobito, expanded: “The centre needs to be up and running as soon as possible, as the CB Crew are keen to get their programmes off the ground. We are so grateful to the many individuals and companies that have come forward with support, but it takes real finance to make this a possibility, so the fundraising will see funds channelled to the United Nations, to ensure that all funds are accounted for, and used for the benefit of the centre.”
Nicola Holmes, Director at Custard Communications, whose corporate social responsibility arm, Custard Cares, has been working with their partners to support BUILD, said: “Providing facilities which offer children the chance of something better or programmes that develop their skills is vital. It’s about hope, and we are proud to support such a deserving cause.” 
The event is open to the public, and will be starting at 6pm this coming Friday. Additional information is available on Facebook: Initiative