Creative learning
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Opening Hours:

Saturday to Thursday 10am to 8pm Friday 2pm to 8pm Sunday Closed
From young to old, we believe in the educational power of art as a medium through which many disciplines can be learned. We offer workshops throughout the year that aim to teach our visitors techniques across various mediums, and bring people together to learn new things.

School Workshops

We work closely with schools and teachers to make the growing art scene in the UAE accessible to students of all ages, and to develop lesson plans which support the school's curriculum and targets. This often takes the form of unique out-of-classroom learning experiences with professional visual artists, creative practitioners and galleries, including hands-on workshops and artist talks. Linking to our initiative ArtintheCity, ArtBus trips for students and teachers to UAE galleries, museums and art fairs are also available throughout the year.

Monthly Programming

In our public programmes, we work to increase knowledge and appreciation of the arts in the UAE. Our objective is to form a hub for creativity and artistic discourse in the region through workshops, talks, events and opportunities for people to find a like-minded community. Check out this month’s jam here.

Youth Programmes

We have two programmes that educate the youth in artistic techniques and media. The Young Artist Programme (YAP) and Art Academy are our regular courses that run throughout the academic year. The Young Artist Programme (YAP) is designed to give students, ages 9-12 (Junior) and 13-15 (Senior), a deeper understanding of art. The after school courses are led by instructors with experience in art education allowing students to explore art movements, materials and techniques through creative work processes. Art Academy is for students 15 years and older and is in sync with the British Art Curriculum. We tutor to-be art students, guiding them to complete and present their works in a portfolio fit for art school submission.