The Young Artist Programme aims to create a growing trend of art appreciation among young enthusiasts through engagement in contemporary art practices and concepts of learning. The spring course will focus on drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media techniques to enable the young artists to express individual ideas and stylization of work. 

The programme will build on art history and cultural understanding dwelling in discussions and comparisons between the then and now. The students will work to create a portfolio or continue to build an existing body of work that demonstrates their interests, skills and knowledge in the fine arts. Opportunity will be given to participate in the annual art highlights in Dubai, where learning is fostered through experience of the art galleries and exhibits.  
The Young Artist Programme is an initiative by thejamjar to educate an audience of art lovers and enthusiasts which aims to give young artists the opportunity to take their artistic skills and understanding of art to the next level. The programme looks to give participants a practical experience of the different aspects an artist career involves, from conception of an idea to installing an exhibit.