DIY studio
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Opening Hours:

Saturday to Thursday 10am to 8pm Friday 2pm to 8pm Sunday Closed


thejamjar studio brings art alive in a relaxed environment, providing a platform for you to unleash your creativity with an unlimited supply of paint on canvas. The studio is equipped with easels, paints, art supplies, a coffee bar and music, providing a complete creative experience. thejamjar’s friendly and inspiring environment is perfectly suited for all age groups, families, teams and skill levels. The studio is open Monday - Thursday, Saturday 10am - 8pm, Friday 2pm - 8pm, Sunday closed.


At thejamjar any occasion is one to paint! Any excuse goes for a party here, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, farewell, graduation, reunion or simply having a fun day out with family and friends. You’re guaranteed a colourful experience with our painting packages complete with canvas, apron, brushes and unlimited paint. And what’s better? Each person gets to take their masterpiece home! Our friendly staff can help you arrange a memorable celebration, for more information call us on 04 341 7303 or email us at Please note, painting parties require a minimum of 7 day prior booking.


Our painting sessions are perfectly suited for adults and children whether you’re a first-timer, paint for fun or a professional artist. The following packages are ideal for children and first timers, lasting 2 hours and inclusive of all painting supplies:
For those who like to splash paint around why not try a larger canvas with our sessions that last between 3 - 4 hours and are inclusive of all painting supplies. You can even share your canvas with a friend for an additional AED 100.
Three 20 x 20 cm - AED 110
Two 30 x 30 cm - AED 125
One 40 x 50 cm - AED 125
One 60 x 60 cm - AED 150
One 60 x 90 cm (3 hours) - AED 225
One 75 x 100cm (3 hours) - AED 275
One 90 x 120cm (4 hours) - AED 350
Need more time? Extend your session @ AED 40 per hour