Art Retreat

For one week (three hours a day), attendees will be invited to explore their relationship with themselves and their surroundings through therapeutic art sessions and meditation. Through various excercises including

self-reflection, group discussions, journalling and different art processes, each individual will create a layered masterpiece on canvas commemorating the week of self-discovery and the resulting new perspectives in sight.


- Attendees will receive a journal, candle, and 60x90cm canvas upon arrival. Paint and brushes will be provided.

- Snacks and refreshments will be provided every morning.

- Attendees should wear comfortable clothing which can be stained with paint.

- Attendees should bring their own mat if possible.

Starting 29th August

Ages 16+

2063.25 (VAT included)

Sunday to Thursday




I Am

Attendees will begin their one-week journey by distancing themselves from labels and conformities, learning to accept and love who they really are. Through journaling, each individual will reflect on the conditions that seem oppressing to them, working through them in order to let go 


Using the decalcomania art technique (pressing paint between pieces of paper), attendees will allow their subconscious mind to take the lead. This will result in the background of the week's artwork – created through underpainting and layering


I Feel 


On the second day, the group will discuss and release hidden emotions gracefully and consciously. Attendees will take a look at how emotions manifest on the physical body as another step of understanding themselves.

The second day's learnings will be transformed into a session of action painting, allowing splashes of paint to help release inner emotions. With guidance and the newly learned technique, the canvas of the previous day will become a layered masterpiece.


I Know  

Having freed themselves of locked-in emotions, day 3 will allow attendees to seek inner guidance and learn to understand their intuitions. 

The group will paint to music, allowing the body to guide the process. Through working with music, the canvas will expand with intricate details of intuitive creativity.


I Create 

Having worked on themselves, attendees will take a look at the law of attraction and learn how to understand its guidance. Each individual will create a manifestation list, understanding their own inner desires.

Understanding their inner desires, attendees will seek out what attracts them visually through collage. The collage will be applied to the already existing canvas to add another dimension.


I Love

Having looked at their own and other's emotional journeys, attendees will learn to understand themselves, those around them and therefore see life from a higher perspective. The group will send love to others and themselves.

In the last hours, final touches will be added to the masterpiece on canvas to reflect a well-rounded week of self-discovery and understanding