Art Retreat

Join us for a 1-week art retreat where we will combine meditation and creativity to explore and improve our relationship towards ourselves and our surroundings. Guided by our Intuitive Creativity and licenced ThetaHealing® teacher Victoria Parrucci, you will learn spiritual practices and how to release newly found energies and findings through art therapy. Working on your mind, creative journey and artistic skills for a total of two-and-a-half hours each day, you will finish off the week mentally refreshed, with a layered masterpiece on canvas in hand and new perspectives in sight. 

Starting 6th June

Ages 16+

2063.25 (VAT included)

Sunday to Thursday




Wake up

In the first session's Awareness Talk, we will learn to understand the vibrations around us and how to find gratitude in life. Attendees will reflect on recent events, self-analyze and learn how to follow energies to find the path of least resistance. 


We will use the warm-up art session to learn about contrast, different textures and various art tools. Channeling the right energies, we will begin to create a masterpiece using newly-learnt techniques of underpainting and layering.


Show up 


In the second Awareness Talk, we will bring ourselves to the now and reflect on how we are feeling. We will take the time to look within ourselves and take note of our thoughts and emotions as an observer. By creating distance, we will gain new perspectives and release negative energies gracefully. 

Through Automatism and scrapping techniques, attendees will then visualize what is inside them. Building upon the previous day, each attendee will continue to work on their masterpiece and learn to seek guidance from their own body and emotions. 



Attendees will learn to grow by moving on from regrets, forgiving themselves, and opening up to life. We will work on releasing resentment towards others and learn to forgive.

Carrying on forgiveness, we will work on splatter and fluid art techniques, allowing things to take their course and understanding to forgive unexpected events. Expanding on newly learned techniques, new additions to the masterpiece will teach us how forgiveness can affect positive outcomes.



In the second-last session of the programme, attendees will move deeper within themselves to embrace who they really are. We will remove ourselves from judgements and labels and feel the essence of the true self and each other. 

As we find ourselves and blend together, we will learn techniques of blending with a dry brush. With the dry brush technique, we will work on the masterpiece to blend areas together.



In our final lesson we will begin to understand our journey and the journey of others. We will be able to look at life from a new perspective and accept others for who they are. We will reflect on how we send love to others and to ourselves to create a more positive flow of energies. 

Our final art session will allow attendees to finish their masterpieces with everything they have learnt, technically and spiritually. 

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