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As an experienced early childhood educator, community worker, global traveller and a yoga instructor, Laura, founder of Divine Light Yoga can see and feel the fundamental need for all of the above. Laura has witnessed first-hand, the powerful healing effects and life-skills that yoga & mindfulness has on children from all backgrounds, experiences, languages, cultures, and religions. ​

Our trainings really are one of a kind. This Yoga Alliance Registered programme, combines relevant educational philosophy and up-to-date research with all elements of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, incorporating key teaching methodology and practices plus Laura's 20-years’ experience of working with children and families, so that you can confidently create, plan, lead and manage interactive, engaging and creative yoga classes that support and enhance the physical, emotional and mental health and well-being of children, teens and families.

Yoga Alliance RCYT
95-Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Do you want to empower children and young people?

  2. Do you want to support children in becoming creative, open-minded, accepting, compassionate individuals?

  3. Do you see a need for social change in the world and in children’s individual lives?

  4. Do you want to create a safe space for children and teens to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas freely?

  5. Do you want to share essential tools with children and teens to self-regulate and heal themselves independently?

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Training Dates

Module 1: 2 x mornings per week (8am – 12.30pm) / 2nd May - 27th May

Module 2: 2 x mornings per week (8am – 12.30pm) / 30th May – 29th June

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If you have any questions, reach out to:

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