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Bootstraps | Loom Ensemble

This April at thejamjar, Loom Ensemble will bring together an ensemble of up to 20 actor/dancers to collaboratively devise a new dance-theater performance. The characters

in the story are created out of the life experiences of the actors onstage - not “playing themselves” but drawing directly on the unique cultural heritage of their ancestors from around the world.

“Bootstraps” is the third full-length dance-theater collaboration of Loom Ensemble and thejamjar. It’s is a celebration of the cultural diversity of Dubai, an examination of how

to define “success,” and an exploration into the downside of “rugged individualism”- that cultural doctrine of prioritizing personal success above all.

Modern culture celebrates those who can "pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” and create a better lifestyle than their parents had. But this show explores how this causes the fragmentation of traditional communities - reflecting how modern "career goals” can end

up tearing us away from our cultural roots.

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