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Life Cycle, Elle Ford

Open to general public. 2 January - 7 April.

thecloud at thejamjar

/ About the selected artist and her work Elle Ford majored in Fine Arts from the Winchester School of Arts, University of Southhampton. She is also a member of Tashkeel, one of the UAE’s most important art institutions. Her work focuses on carbonisation, life-cycles, and the process around creating the work. Carbonisation involves the transformation and transcendence from one form to another, adding and extracting energy throughout the process. The carbonised object becomes a sculpture, and the powdery residue from the carbonisation process becomes the source of material for her paintings and sculptures. At thejamjar, she will explore the carbonisation process by using locally sourced, or created carbon, materials with an aim to create 3-dimensional sculptures based on the floor plans of ancient dwellings.

/ Artist Statement

‘My inspiration came when I discovered a book that had maps depicting long since disappeared dwellings and village maps. The patterns in the ancient forms intrigued me and I started to research this topic further. Recreating these forms from page to sculpture, and taking elements of life-cycles from my carbonisation work, seemed to be naturally connected.’

Facebook: Elle Ford Instagram: @ellefordelleford Twitter: @ellefordart Website: www.elleford.com

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