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'Are We All Connected?' by Nasir Nasrallah

Open to general public until 6 January, thejamjar's window

/ About the Artist

Nasir Nasrallah’s work focuses on the production of art through the experimentation of material and its composition, whether physical objects, theories or ideas.

His artistic works are a personal response to the environment in which he lives, influenced by the people he encounters and the places he visits. His works directly express his thoughts, feelings and desire to communicate with the outside world.

Nasir received a bachelor's degree in communication engineering from Khalifa University, Sharjah (2006). He took art courses at the Emirates Fine Arts Society while studying for his degree.

/ Statement

Aren’t we all connected?

For this edition of Occupy, artist and curator Nasir Nasrallah has created postcard illustrations that form a bigger picture, like pieces of a puzzle. A continuation of his mail series, these postcards will be sent by the artist to people residing in different places. By this gesture, the receipients are connected.

Nasir further reaches out to individuals, asking them to narrate a peculiar experience on his postcards and mail them back to him, contributing towards his collection of stories from all over the world.

To Nasir, making art is about experimenting and synthesising, be it physical objects, ideas or theorems. His work is a highly personal response to the environment, people, and places he encounters.

/ About OCCUPY Window Project

OCCUPY provides artists the opportunity to take over thejamjar’s front window for a few months during the year on a rotating basis. Our prime location at Alserkal Avenue offers artists exposure at one of the most important art hubs in the region. Every few months we put a call out inviting an artist to ‘OCCUPY’ our window with their art.

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