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'Together, apart' by Kapil Bhimekar

Open to general public until the end of May, thejamjar's window.

/ About the Artist

Kapil is a Creative Director at VMLY&R Dubai by day and an artist outside of work hours. He enjoys painting the town with his unique black and white art style and is inclusive of his surroundings within his work. Kapil has previously completed a notable piece in Alserkal Avenue; featured behind a coffee shop where he incorporated a pipe to represent the bark of a tree. He also conducts various art and design workshops around Dubai and is also the owner and designer of the brand K100. For his exhibition at thejamjar's front window, Kapil created an artwork titled ‘Together, apart’.

In today’s world, we find ourselves multitasking between two separate realities: the physical and the virtual. Our physical reality is our truth; whereas the other encompasses the time we spend absorbed in our screens, disconnected from an authentic world where our most significant commitments lie, including our relationships.

February - the month of love – seemed like the perfect time to address this issue.

Instead of heart pendants and dinner reservations, the artwork serves up some food for thought. The visual is a paradox that screams ‘Together, apart’ – an unfortunate truth that has escaped our radar as a result of our realities clashing and our commitments being mismanaged. Let the art disrupt you with satire, appeal to your understanding, awaken a moment of guilt, and bring you back to the reality that matters.

/ About OCCUPY Window Project

OCCUPY provides artists the opportunity to take over thejamjar’s front window for a few months during the year on a rotating basis. Our prime location at Alserkal Avenue offers artists exposure at one of the most important art hubs in the region. Every few months we put a call out inviting an artist to ‘OCCUPY’ our window with their art.

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