Weekly Classes

We offer weekly Acrylic, Watercolour and Drawing classes, that are suitable for teenagers and adults. Our classes are designed to help you build on a particular technique in every session and help you find a unique style that works best for you.

We also offer workshops to give attendees the chance to try something new every month and really bring out their creativity. 

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Little Ones

Saturday December 12 / 3:30pm - 4:30pm

115 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 3-6

Allow your little ones to find some winter calm in our December quiet night where they will be able to draw up their little magic dreams inspired by early Russian-French modernist painter Marc Chagall.


12th   -   Draw your Dreams  

Arts & Crafts

Saturday December 12 / 10:30am - 12pm

141.75 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 6-10

This month kids can get into the winter spirit, creating their own abstract multimedia depictions of snow and ice on canvas through an exploration of textures, movement, strokes and shades of colour with some sparkle as a finishing touch.


12th   -   Frozen world  

Acrylic Techniques

Saturday December 5, 12 & 19  / 1pm - 3:00pm

168 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 12+

Even adults love the twinkles and sparkles of the Christmas season. This month you can paint your shiny trinkets and practice observational painting in our series of holiday-themed acrylics on canvas.


5th   -   The art of gifting  

12th -   Bauble  

19th -   Ribbons  

Watercolour Techniques

Saturday December 5, 12, & 19 / 3:30pm - 5:30pm

168 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 12+

Make this year's Xmas gifts extra special with personalized watercolour greeting cards that will make anyone smile. In the process, you will practice using wet on wet techniques with gradients and creating highlights and other shine effects so your trinkets almost jump out of the card and really come to life!



5th   -   Ornaments  

12th -   Treats  

19th -   Nutcracker  

Earlier Artsploration

Tuesday December 1 / 10:30am - 11:15pm  

105 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 1-3

In time for the holiday season and family bonding, this new class with the extra-small (ages 1-3) is a bonding session between parent and toddler. Exploring colours and textures while listening to winter jams, you will be able to create together and connect in a unique and unforgettable way through artistic expression while meeting other little artists.



- All children must be accompanied by an adult who should be fully engaged in the activity with the toddler.

- The Price is per painting package for parent and child.


1st -   Sprinkles  

Intuitive Creativity

Thursday December 10 / 7:30pm - 9:30pm

194.25 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 16+

Forgive 2020. In this session of ThetaHealing® meditation with art you will learn to let go of grudges and resentements built up in the past 365 days. Getting ready for a new year, you will learn to shift your perspective and look at the bigger picture, gaining a postivite outlook and expressing your newly found gratitude on canvas.


10th -   Forgiving 2020  


Tuesday December 1 & 8 / 4:30pm - 5:30pm

131.25 AED (VAT Included)

Ages 4-6

Allow your child (ages 5 to 10) to dream of wintery landscapes of ice and snow in two projects with paint on canvas that explore the science behind water changing form as it freezes over or magically falls from the sky as soft white fluff.


1st  -   Snow Flake  

8th  -   Ice cap  

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