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The Art of Making Art

Introducing a new 6 week workshop for students to dig deep and understand how to be inspired by other artists, the world around them, and imagination to develop their own artworks. Over a period of 6 weeks: 1 day a week, students will develop brainstorming and ideation skills. To learn new techniques in drawing, collage, mixed media, clay, watercolor, and acrylic painting. 6 weeks to develop students' creativity and individuality.


Pre-teens and Teens (11 - 18 years) can use this workshop to develop their skills for personal use or prepare for high school or university while building a selection of artworks.

* All spots must be booked in advance with full payment.

* No dropout will be refunded or replaced with a different programme.


10% Discount Code: AMA6WEEKS 

A 10% discount for one child for the whole six weeks session, valid until 21st April.



Price: 1680 AED (vat included).

Time: 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

Age: 11-18.


Every Thursday

11th May - 15th June


Project 1 (First 2 weeks): UP-CYCLED ART

Artists will use everyday items and waste to create a sculpture.


Project 2 (Next 2 weeks): MIRROR FRAME

Artists will use clay and other items to create a frame for their mirrors.


Project 3 (Last 3 weeks): 3D PAINTING

Artists will use a canvas, foam sheets, wires, waste, and cardboard to create a 3D sculpture.

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