DIY Painting Sessions 


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and rent a painting kit including an easel, canvas, and unlimited supply of acrylic paints and brushes to use at thejamjar open studio for the day. Family-friendly, this set-up invites anyone to explore their creativity whether you’re a first timer or professional painter, coming alone or with your children or partner. 

All paintings that are left behind at thejamjar are to be collected within 2 weeks after which they are sent to our recycling unit 

1 - 2 hours

25 x 25 cm

95.00 AED

25 x 30 cm

110 AED

35 x 35 cm

130 AED

40 x 40 cm

145 AED

40 x 50 cm

160 AED

3 - 4 hours

60 x 60 cm

210 AED

60 x 90 cm

330 AED

75 x 100 cm

470 AED

90 x 120 cm

577.50 AED


Note: for sharing a canvas additional studio charges apply and every additional hours in the studio charges apply. 

Private Tutorials


In addition to the DIY kit, you can also book a private tutorial with one of thejamjar’s teachers upon their availability. 

Contact us at


+971 4 3417303

to find out more.