My children did winter camp last year at thejamjar and have talked about it every since.

Frances Ames

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Daily Schedule
In our 2020 winter camp at thejamjar children (ages 4-10) are invited to express themselves and create their own paintings and multimedia works in an idea-generating and fun environment. 

Kids will discover new artists and techniques, experiment with materials and gain a holistic learning experience that feeds their mind and soul. 
For enquiries, contact:
+971 4 341 7303
Dec 13
Dec 14
Dec 15
Dec 16
Christmas Jumper
Cookie Monster
Snowy Slide
Snow Storm
*131.25 AED per day
Daily Schedule
10:30am - 12:00pm
12:30pm - 2:00pm.
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Dec 17
Full Moon


Teen Winter Art Mentorship

Day 1 

Ideation and Perspective: Students will participate to a "word association" round table and select their theme, after which they will create their first sketching, study artists styles and learn about the basics of perspective and lines.


Day 2 

Watercolour and colour theory: Exploring further their personal theme and developing their composition, students will create a watercolor piece, learning about colour schemes, colour contrast, values and the importance of selecting their colour palette.

Day 3 

Multimedia and Aerial composition: Building a strong narrative to their project, students will think about aerial composition, texture and focal point by creating a 3D diorama of their scene, focusing on the most important element of their composition

Day 4

First Layer on Canvas: Planning and drawing their final composition on their canvas, students will have to consider every element of their composition, such as atmospheric and linear perspective, lines, colours, focal point and the division of their image such as the rule of thirds. Working on their colour palette they will apply the first paint layer

Day 5 

Light and texture: Students will focus on their final paint layer, working on applying light and shade, texture and details so as to create a finished artwork. 

For enquiries, contact:
+971 4 341 7303
* 721.88 AED (for the week)

Our Camps are designed to allow your children to

explore their creativity and express themselves

in an idea generating and fun environment. They will discover new artists and techniques, while experimenting with materials and gaining a holistic

learning experience through projects that are fun for all!



Children's Winter Camp

Back by popular demand! 


Our Winter Teen Art mentorship is a five consecutive days programme, from Sunday to Thursday, where students will explore a personal project under the guidance and mentorship of their teacher. 


Each student will explore their own style, all the while developing and re-enforcing skills in various mediums, and developing confidence in their creative thinking.

Dates: December 13th-17th

Ages: 11 to 18 

Timings: 11:00am to 1:00pm Daily 

Number of Days: 5, Sunday to Thursday 

Capacity: 10 

4 - 10
years old


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