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Art Academy

Art Academy students get personalised guidance for their own development. Each module is structured for both high school students and adults who aim to delve deeper into the creative process.

The programme also supports students who want to gain further insight into their current art projects whether it be for GCSE, A-Level, IB art or creating a professional art portfolio. Students nurture their current art skills in a range of experimental mediums through thought provoking topics and subject matter. After 6 weeks, each student will gain further experience showcasing their art work in a public exhibition.

Each module has a theme:

Autumn - Place / Winter - Identity / Spring - Society / Summer - Transformation 

Summer 2018, Theme: Transformation

Starting March 14

In the final module of this year's programme, students will study the subject of transformation. We will explore this subject through different spectrums, such as transformation of one's self, of one's surrounding, in art history and in techniques. Through this subject we will study the work of relevant artists and art movements and mentor students to develop their own ideas and artistic sensibilities.

Our instructors have experience in teaching art at GCSE, A-level and IB levels, and each participant receives individual and personal guidance. The 6-week programme alternates the thought-provoking themes of place, identity, society and transformation.

These themes are investigated through dialogue and different mediums and will be structured around both historical and thought-provoking artists who have shaped the current art world. At the end of the module, each participant will gain further knowledge and experience showcasing their artwork in a public exhibition.

Art Academy guided me throughout my creative journey. It has helped me create harmony with my ideas and is the perfect programme for creative and passionate individuals of any age to develop their unique style and technique.


Art Academy, Winter 2016

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Every Saturday

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

2000 AED includes all materials 

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