Young Artists Programme

Yap 2022.png

3rd February 2022, 

Theme: ​​Observation

Ages 7-10

YAP can now be booked per class for 283.50 AED

Date & Time options

- Every Thursday / 3rd February - 9th March /   4:30pm - 6:30pm 


- Every Saturday / 5th February - 12th March /   10:00am - 12:00pm


The Young Artist Programme is a themed six-week art programme for ages 7 to 10. The programme encourages students to discuss ideas around creativity, history and society. Through a variety of art projects, students are introduced to different artists, mediums and techniques, offering them the basic tools they will need to begin their artistic journey and build an art portfolio. This module will focus on ‘Observation’, from a formal understanding to theoretical thinking.



 Week 1 & 2 

 Week 6 

Inspiring Artists

Drawing and painting

For this special last session, thejamjar's partnership with Book Hero will enable students to create bookmarks or visual short stories inspired by their favourite books.

 Week 5 

From the Inside


Exploring the wonderous world of printmaking, students will delve into the anatomy of the human body creating skeletal structures. 

 Week 4 

Textured City

Texture paintings

Taking a walk around Alserkal Avenue and the Courtyard, students will learn to investigate and record various textures, which will be combined with other materials to create a personalized utopia. 

 Week 1 & 2 

Sculptural Landmarks


Students will observe landmarks in Dubai and other countries and build unique architectural masterpieces by creating miniature versions using clay.

Hungry Artists

Still life drawing, Monochrome painting

Students will explore the works of Wayne Thiebaud, utilizing shoe boxes to set up a still life composition to observe different foods and understand drawing techniques such as composition, light and shadow and tonal qualities.

 Week 3