Young Artists Programme

Yap Transformation-min.jpg

Starting 18th May 2021, 

Theme: ​​Transformation


In this module, students aged 7 to 10 will explore ideas around physical and mental transformation – something we have all gone through in the last year. Students will create a series of interpretations of existing artworks around the subject while experimenting with various materials and techniques.



Ages 7-10

1680 AED for the Module

Tuesday: 4:30-6:30pm


Saturday: 10am-12pm


 Week 1 

Can Man  

Arte Povera

Studying the work of artists during the Arte Povera period, students will invite their own ideas around repurposing objects and work around the material as a subject.

 Week 2 

Surreal Animals 


In the style of Surrealist artists, students will invite the viewers to reimaging the animal kingdom through their eyes. Changing their textures, physical attributes and perhaps suggesting a new direction to evolution.

 Week 3 

Image Transfer 


In this project students will discover the work of collage artists during the Dadaism period and ideas around transmiting a strong message by manipulating an image. They will be invited to redirect the narrative of an image while learning transfer and collage techniques.

 Week 4 



This class will focus on Iconography, its meaning, use and techniques. Students will select a concept they feel strongly about, reflecting on current societal issues and create a symbole for it.

 Week 5 

Screen Printing

Pop Art

Using the work of the previous week, students will learn about ideas developed during the Pop Art movement, and learn how techniques are sometimes the subject of artwork as much as the image.

 Week 6 

Face off

Drawing and photography

In this last class, students will be invited to reimagine themselves, either reflecting on what they hope to become or on what they wish others would see more about themselves. It is a work of Observation and introspection.