Young Artists Programme


Starting 9th February 2021, 

Theme: Observation


Our six-week young Artists programme is fun and educational.


Through various exercises with different fine art mediums and techniques, children will grow in confidence and learn new ways to understand and interpret their surroundings. 


Focused on the theme of observation, these workshops offer a safe space for children to share their views of the world, express opinions, trust their intuition and discover new ideas and theories. 


Ages 7-10

1680 AED for the Module

Tuesday: 4:30-6:30pm


Thursday 4:30pm-6:30pm


Saturday: 10am-12pm


 Week 1 

Live Drawing  

Drawing and painting

Children will observe unusual objects and draw how they see them followed by re-inserting the object into space by visually interpreting the object's surroundings. 

 Week 2 

Urban Sketching 


Accompanied by their teacher, students will work outdoors at Alserkal Avenue and sketch the urban scenes they come across including buildings, nature and people.

 Week 3 

From Observation to Surrealism 


Using their best sketch from the previous class, students will paint an urban scene. Then Week 1's drawing will be used to disrupt the overall painting and create an unusual interpretation of the object's place and function.  

 Week 4 

Peeking Through 


Using one of the artworks from the first three weeks, students will create an imaginary scene within a previously drawn space. This will allow children to tell their own story and re-interpret what they see around them.

 Week 5 

Light and Shade


Using a reference image, students will learn to give depth to a drawing using shading. In this workshop, children will create an imaginary source of light and show where it is situated through light and dark contrasts.

 Week 6 

Anatomy of a friend

Drawing and Collage

Working in pairs, students will draw portraits of each other using only one line before transforming the sketch into an expressive collage. 

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