Young Artists Programme

28th September 2021, 

Theme: ​​Reflection


In this module, students aged 7 to 10 explore the theme of 'Reflection'. Working with materials and techniques in tune with this concept, children will improve their artistic skills through a series of artworks and get familiar with building a portfolio of work. In addition, students will learn to think creatively, reflecting on a series of subjects and representing them visually.



Ages 7-10

1680 AED for the Module

Date & Time options

- Every Tuesday / 28th September - 2nd November     / 4:30pm-6:30pm or

- Every Thursday / 30th September - 4th November /   4:30pm-6:30pm or

-Every Saturday / 2nd October - 6th November

  /10am - 12pm


 Week 1 & 2 

Artist Introduction

Drawing, Painting and Collage

Students will learn about the Artist Eric Carle and his unique ways of creating wonderful and colorful stories using painting, textures and collage.

 Week 3 

Greek Mythology

Drawing, Painting and Collage 

Inspired by Greek classical myths and European folktales through to fairy tales, stories of werewolves, vampires, and popular culture, students will imagine and create a human hybrid of their own using mystical creatures.

 Week 4 

Synesthesia Art 

Music and Paint

Explore the principles of Synesthesia by drawing and painting to music. Through training their multi-sensory perception, students will become aware of the role of their senses and how these can reflect on ones art. 

 Week 5 

Japanese Manga

Painting in Acrylics 

Exploring the history and culture of Japanese Manga and Anime, students will practice these techniques to develop their own character. 

 Week 6 

Pottery of Ancient Greece

Clay and painting

In their final class, students will explore Greek Pottery and storytelling by creating their very own clay pot.