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ART RETREAT 2023 with Victoria Parrucci

Date & Time

February 27 , February 28th March 1st , March 2nd , March 3rd  / 8:00am - 11:00am

"Limited Capacity. To book the program, please click on the dates above. 


Price: 2800 AED (Inclusive of VAT)

Location: thejamjar Studio (Alserkal Avenue)

You will receive a journal on arrival, a candle, 25 x 25cm canvas cloth and a 60x90cm canvas.


Snacks and refreshments are provided every morning.

Please bring your own mat if you have one. 

Wear comfortable and “sustainable” clothing.

A new year, a new you! Unleash yourself and break your block by using art as therapy. Join us for blissful and fresh mornings in a one week (3 hours a day) art retreat where we will combine meditation and creativity to explore and improve our relationship to ourselves and our surroundings, thus creating a 'New You'. Work on your mind, your creative journey and artistic skills finishing the week mentally refreshed. A journey to your soul, explore and develop a layered masterpiece on canvas and with a new perspective in sight. Supported by the ThetaHealing® technique and intuitive artist Victoria Parrucci.


DAY 1 - Monday

Topic: who do I think I am?

On the first day of our retreat, we will learn that the first step in becoming someone new, is getting familiar with who we don't want to be anymore.

Through meditation and journaling, attendees will learn how to identify emotions, behavior, and thought patterns that are creating discomfort within themselves using fabrics, paper and other elements attendees will create a collage in search of inspiration for their masterpiece, and as a practice on how to remain in the present moment.

Materials to be used: Acrylic paint, fabrics, paper scraps magazines glue, scissors, A3 paper.

DAY 2 - Tuesday

Topic: Feelings, thoughts and vibrations

On day two we go deep in understanding the way we influence our life, and the role we play in creating new opportunities. Using breath work we will learn how to change our vibrations and awake inner wellbeing, independently of what is going on around us. We will practice and reflect on taking the role of creators in our life.

Materials to be used: Using sand and monochromatic colours, attendees will learn about textures and coherence while creating a mini painting

DAY 3 - Wednesday

Topic: Letting go and becoming someone new 

On day 3 we learn to trust. we learn to let go of our limitations and to create space for new possibilities. We will practice how to surrender specific emotions and how to free up space in our body.

Materials to be used: Trust your senses - Blindfolded painting using paper roll and acrylic paint. 

DAY 4 - Thursday

Topic: New me - In Theory 

On this day we decided who we would like to become, and what sort of experiences in life we would like to have, and we learned how to ask for it. We journal, and explore what it would be like to become someone new.

Materials to be used: Create an artwork by layering thin coats of colours and shapes using acrylic, gold leaf, paper scraps and rulers.

DAY 5 - Friday

Topic: Embody

Day 5, we practice being someone new. with new thinking processes, habits and emotions. In the last hours, final touches will be added to the masterpiece on canvas to reflect a well-rounded week of self-discovery and understanding

Materials to be used: Acrylic paint and a 60x90 canvas 

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